Video Game Music Quiz

What is Video Game Music Quiz?

Video Game Music Quiz (VGMQ) is a website I started in November of 2005. It was an experiment to create a better quiz than what was provided on the internet at the current time. The original version of the site provided a list of tracks which the users would listen to and then type in their answer. I graded the answers by hand at first, and added a basic form of computer-aided grading after I was invaded by forum goons.

By the end of 2006 I had let the site go and I let it sit for almost year before I came up with the second version of the site. The new site featured a random track order which helped prevent cheating and a grading system where I had to manually review answers less often. Eventually I got bored with the site again and enlisted the help of some loyal fans to add more music to the site.

Even with the help, I still had to grade the answers for the tracks I uploaded. Also, because the user could enter any answer I had to make sure I was aware of every game that might contain a variation of the music. I could have easily just let the site die, or see if someone else wanted to host it. But I've really enjoyed the time that I have put into the site, so here we are at version 3.

Why do I Have to Register?

It keeps bandwidth usage down. Your e-mail address will never be shown to other users, and I only use it to reply to messages and for resetting passwords.

Changes From Previous Versions

Questions are now multiple choice. This makes the quiz somewhat easier, but it also means that the site has the potential to run itself other than adding new music. I have added an internal difficulty level for each track and although the quiz will be somewhat randomized, the easier tracks should make their way to the front. This means that less-seasoned players do not have to skip through a bunch of difficult tracks to reach new content.

Special Thanks